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Vitalize IT is delighted to be an approved
LEGO® Education supplier, supporting schools throughout the UK to enhance learning
in STEAM subjects


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What do we offer?

  • Supply of LEGO 'Essentials' (KS1/2) and 'Prime' (KS2/3 and beyond!) kits 

  • On-site Training and Setup

  • Remote Training and Technical Support 

Some reviews from Schools already using LEGO Education:

"It's the best EdTech product we have ever purchased" Andy Chase, Woodfield SEN school

"It's the best thing I have ever done at school." Year 2 student

LEGO Education FAQ

What does LEGO offer to schools?

LEGO have a range of kits, including one for primary (Essentials) and one for secondary (Prime). These enable pupils to work through digital instructions to create working models. All the models are related to curriculum lessons and designed to be integrated into STEAM subjects. Vitalize is accredited to sell these kits to schools.

What's in an Essentials (KS1/2) kit?

  • 4 relatable minifigures with diverse identities.

  • 2 Small Motors, a Color Sensor, 3x3 Color Light Matrix, and an intelligent Small Hub with 2 I/O ports, Bluetooth connectivity, 6-axis gyro and a rechargeable Li-ion battery with micro USB charging and connection port.

  • 449-piece set also includes a selection of familiar LEGO® bricks and replacement elements for intuitive and easy construction.

  • Sturdy storage box with color-coded sorting trays for easy classroom management.

What's in a Prime (KS 2/3 and beyond!) kit?

  • Sturdy storage box with sorting trays, programmable Hub, Distance Sensor, Force Sensor, Color Sensor, Large Motor, 2 Medium Motors and over 500 appealing LEGO® Technic™ elements in a fresh color palette.

  • Programmable Hub features a 5x5 light matrix, 6 input/output ports, integrated 6-axis gyro, speaker, Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery.


Does it need an app to show the instructions?

You can install the Lego Education Spike app on Apple or Android or use any Web browser. The drag-and-drop coding environment for tablets and computers is rooted in the popular coding language based on Scratch used by millions around the world. It can also be used with Python for more advanced programming.

Is it hard to set up?

It's not hard and we offer remote support, but we can also offer a day's set up and training at your school for a cost. 

Is there training available?

Yes, LEGO provides substantial and free online Professional Development training. Vitalize also runs video meet interactive webinar sessions to support schools.

How can we find out more?

Please email to find out more and we may be able to arrange a free 1/2-day professional development session with your school.

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