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1:1 Schemes

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Why go 1:1?


Planning a 1:1 scheme is a great way to drive your use of Edtech forward. In the planning you will need to look at:


  • your network (we have partners who can evaluate and upgrade if required)

  • your teacher's digital skills (we offer teacher training and support packages)

  • areas to improve the use of Edtech in everyday teaching and learning

  • explaining the strategy to parents 

As these areas are addressed you start to improve the way Edtech will have an impact in your school and is a significant driving force to ensure a positive impact from Edtech. 

With all students having access to a device schools have a great opportunity to significantly ramp up the use of devices both in and outside school. 


Why partner with Vitalize?


We have delivered a number of 1:1 projects and offer value to ensure schools implement it well and it has an impact. 

  • Strong relationship with 1:1 admin companies who manage the schemes

  • Experienced knowledge and relationships with vendors to offer schools choices for rugged devices (Chrome and Windows) and bags / sleeves

  • Premier partner with Lightspeed Systems to offer device filtering, safeguarding alerts and classroom mgt.

How do the schemes work?

Our 1:1 admin partners offer the following services:

  • Scheme offered to all parents - no checks

  • Marketing support to help school explain scheme to parents

  • Flexible payments options, pupil premium rates, 12, 24 and 36 months

  • Online portal to manage payments and orders

  • Pool of devices for loan for repairs 

  • Accidental damage cover 

Is it cost-neutral?

The device scheme is cost-neutral to the school with no financial risk. However the scheme is likely to require investments in:

  • School IT network

  • Teacher training 

  • Device support 

What impact have you seen with other schools?

  • More student engagement 

  • Student and teacher digital skills improve 

  • Students and teachers can continue to be effective remotely 

Reference schools

Maharishi Free School


Woodfield School 

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