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Vitalize are delighted to partner with Lightspeed Systems. 

Lightspeed Systems focus entirely on the safeguarding and well being of students around the globe. Keeping them safe with technology on their assigned device at any location. 


Lightspeed comprises a suite of modules including:

  • Filter - to restrict access to harmful sites 

  • Alert - notifies staff when students type concerning text such as self-harm 

  • Analytics - report on device usage - are they on task?

  • Classroom Mgr - control devices when used in class 


More than ever before, it is crucial that schools and colleges protect their entire community. Safeguarding students use of Education Technology is a key component of both the Keeping Children Safe in Education and Prevent Duty legislation. To protect them from cases such as bullying, self-harm and radicalisation, you need to use proactive software that can filter out unwelcome content, alert you if there is an immediate issue, and help you intervene in any potential issues before they occur.


With the world being ever more connected, and students sometimes able to take devices home, it's also no longer enough to just protect your students when they're on-site. You need to protect them anywhere they go.

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