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Maharishi Free School

The Maharishi School has been a Google for Education school since September 2016.  We are a through school, from Reception to Year 11.  We have a 2:1 ratio at our primary and a 1:1 ratio at our secondary for Chromebooks.  Since starting with Google for Education we've noticed a sharp increase of IT usage within the classroom.  This system is fully integrated with the student’s learning experience, enabling a collaborative, learning environment throughout the curriculum and across the various year groups.


The support we received from Vitalize for the Google for Education platform has been fantastic. We have received a regular e-newsletter of the latest updates, future developments and training by Google.  In addition we receive virtual training and support from the Vitalize team directly.  This has enabled our school's System Administrator to manage the Google Admin Console personally without the need for an IT department.


Vitalize also introduced us to Computer 2 Cloud (C2C), who we now use for all of our other technical support, including Servers, Group Policies, Printers and Firewall etc.


Vitalize provide us with much-needed connections to hardware providers, and work closely with C2C on this endeavour to ensure that all purchases are compatible with our systems.


The work undertaken by Vitalize and C2C is vital to the smooth running of our school without the need for an IT department on site.


Quote: "I couldn't do my job without having the backup and knowledge provided by Vitalize and C2C" - Mrs Whitehead - System Administrator/Office Manager

Maharishi School

Maharishi School

Maharishi School
Maharishi school Google journey from 2016 onwards!

Maharishi school Google journey from 2016 onwards!

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