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Edu Devices 

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Education Devices
As an Edu specialist partner, we can offer competitive pricing on education devices from Google, Microsoft and Apple from a range of different brands, price points and designs.



Refurbished PCs and Laptops

Our range of refurbished PCs and laptops is an excellent choice for either Windows or ChromeOS Flex endpoints. They are not only put through rigorous testing but also beautifully restored to look like new. Refurbs not only save money, but they can also allow schools to improve device-to-student ratios and are also a very 'green' option to consider.

Class Set

If you are planning to add a class set of devices with a  trolley we can help. Through a network of partners and vendors, we can provide you with options for multiple Edu rugged devices along with a wide range of trolleys. 



1:1 Schemes

Vitalize can support schools to roll out 1:1 device schemes with parental support. 

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Safeguard Students

As the use of student devices increases it is vital that schools protect students online, are aware of potential issues and keep them focused on the task.
Visit our Lightspeed Systems page 

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Give your old devices a new lease of life, with ChromeOS Flex

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School budgets are being squeezed every day. Why not take advantage of your older equipment and devices and reinvigorate them with ChromeOS Flex?
Chrome OS Flex can transform older, slower devices into fast, functional machines ready for day-to-day use, making a financial saving whilst transitioning to newer devices and the greenest device is the one you already have!

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