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Meet The Team

Meet our team of experts who will be helping you on your cloud journey


Stuart Brown


My passion is ensuring that technology has a strong positive impact on teaching and learning. Cloud platforms and the Ecosystem around it has made this a reality and I am proud of the dedicated team at Vitalize that have delivered real impact to schools and colleges all over the UK.

With over 25 year’s experience managing an IT business, my role is to support our schools to deliver a positive Impact from technology. 


Melody Hall

Head of Technical Support

have always worked in the IT sector, early on specialising in Software Testing in London. Then self employed for 20 years, teaching and repairing PCs for individuals and small businesses.

Now in my 5th year as a Primary School ‘IT Administrator’, where I've also worked as a Teaching Assistant. I’m also a GCSE exam invigilator in 2 Senior Schools.

I was astounded by ‘Google for Education’, after spending years on PC maintenance, here is a system that is always up-to-date, with fast starting and very flexible.

Young people need to have exposure to cloud collaboration and access to technology in every sphere of their education, Vitalize can help schools provide the equipment; the infrastructure and training to achieve this.


Andrew Hartley

Head of Training

I have worked as teacher in both the secondary and FE education sector for the last 33 years. Along with my teaching role I have had responsibility for the introduction and use of IT to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. 

As e-learning coordinator my role has been to support curriculum areas in their transition from a more traditional teaching format to the use of a blended learning approach. 

With our experience and passion Vitalize has the knowledge, skill and ability to safely and effectively support your move to a blended learning experience.

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