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Culcheth High School

Culcheth High School has excelled with the use of Google for Education over a number of years and we are proud to have partnered with them and shared their journey. Culcheth has also been recognised by Google as a Google reference school. 

We have really enjoyed partnering with Stuart Piggott, IT Manager, at Culcheth over a number of years and been wowed by his continuous enthisisam and innovative use of Google workspace to save teachers time and engage students.  

Culcheth High School: Tackling remote learning head-on

Aa reference school webinar in which we explore the use of Google for Education at Culcheth High School and how they are using the Google Tools innovatively. We will hear from staff and teachers on how they used the tools to tackle remote learning, including using Google Sites for staff professional development and Google Meet to communicate with local schools.

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Culcheth High School is a highly successful and over-subscribed community school in the heart of semi-rural Warrington. We are recognised as “a good school” by OFSTED with many outstanding features. As a high performing school over a number of years, we genuinely strive to become the ‘best that we can be’ in all aspects of our work for young people and the community​Culcheth High School has Google G Suite rolled out to the entire school, which includes 1168 students who benefit from G Suite Apps across all year groups. Students use Google G Suite as the foundation for their Teaching and Learning online. We rolled out G Suite to all staff, the Governing Body and community, including a collaborative Google hub for all other local high schools within the area to access and share resources. We have over 800 devices including desktop PCs, laptops, iPads and MacBooks all connected to G Suite with over 200 managed Chromebook devices; these devices are booked each and everyday. We are increasing all the time and aim to have at least a 2:1 ratio very soon. We are in the process of converting some of our older laptop devices into Chromebook OS devices and using the managed Chromebook service.



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