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Microsoft in Education Support & Training

Vitalize are proud to partner with Abardo and can offer discounted pricing for our TEAMS schools to streamline and simplify the creation and management of events.

Vitalize can provide both technical support and teacher training to help schools get the best out of Microsoft.

Our technical services include:

  • Server support 

  • Azure support

  • Desktop support 

  • 365 config and health check


We can also offer a wide range of teacher training to support teachers develop blended learning with 365 tools.  

Lots better than I expected. I'm pretty competent but still found it interesting. Good stuff!

All objectives covered. Lots of new learning and more time learning would always be beneficial.

This was another brilliant session. Petra is a great trainer. She is thorough, logical and allows for questions. I was really excited to learn more about 'sharing' as this can absolutely help me massively with my role, organising bookings and sharing materials in breakouts etc. However, unfortunately, I have external learners in my cohort, so this training today is not effective in my role as sharing documents does not allow editing with people outside of the company.

it was great to discuss with other professionals the apps we use. It was interesting to see that we use comparatively few. Yet there always seem to be an app we're familiar with Kahoot, flip etc which is mirrored partially by MS yet doesn't have the same interactive properties. It would be great to distil the most applicable tech and cut the dead wood:)

Didn't know how many more things we could do with PowerPoint!

Unsure due to new tools covered that I did not realise I could use. This has given me more confidence moving forward.

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