End to End Network Upgrades & Support

Vitalize are proud to partner with Abardo and can offer discounted pricing for our TEAMS schools to streamline and simplify the creation and management of events.

Vitalize can provide both technical support and teacher training to help schools get the best out of Microsoft.

Our technical services include:

  • Server support 

  • Azure support

  • Desktop support 

  • 365 config and health check


We can also offer a wide range of teacher training to support teachers develop blended learning with 365 tools.  



Any schools learning platform and EdTech will only work effectively if the network is capable, not overly locked down, and full of bottlenecks.

We can deliver an end to end network solution and provide a managed service to make sure the network can deliver your learning strategy. 

  1. Survey

  2. Design 

  3. Implement 

  4. Support 

Networks typically evolve over time with bits being added. Equipment gets old and issues occur and it can be hard to find the problem. 


That is why we provide an entire end to end solution from connectivity to WiFi to wired to make sure your network delivers.


Let the specialists get it right and keep it right.  

Digital Network Cables