End To End Network Upgrades & Support

As the use of digital devices grows in schools and technology becomes an increasingly important tool for learning, school networks need to be able to deliver the quality of service required for effective learning and not block access to apps and resources.  

Our ethos to school networks is simple. Make them:

  • Quick with no bottlenecks or bad zones

    • Carefully designed ​

  • Not unnecessarily locked down

    • Utilise Lightspeed to protect all devices wherever they are to protect students. Simple and quick to unlock sites required for teaching ​

  • Reliable

    • Configured correctly with management software and alerts in place​ to alert any issues

  • Cost-effective

    • No ongoing software subscriptions

Case Study - Woodfield SEN School Surrey 



  • slow internet 
  • old unmanaged network switches
  • old WiFi Access Points with bad areas
  • Not capable of adding more devices
  • Hard to unlock web sites needed for teaching
  • Hard to add new equipment to the network


  • Upgraded Switches and WiFi to Unifi 

  • Upgraded uncontended leased line 500 MB

  • Configuration of Lightspeed to protect students but not lockdown useful resources

  • All devices protected anywhere

  • fast school network to more than cope with 1:1 devices

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In order for us to provide advice and guidance on your network, we are happy to arrange a video meeting with one of our network specialists to discuss your current network set up and vision for the future.