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Edu Devices

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Edu devices

As an Edu specialist partner, we can offer a wide range of devices at competitive prices. We can also offer advice and guidance to ensure you get the best device to meet your needs. 

We can also offer a range of peripherals too, such as speakers, mics, headphones etc. 


Refurbished PCs and Laptops 

Our range of refurbished PCs and laptops are an excellent choice for either Windows or chrome endpoints. They are not only put through rigorous testing but also beautifully restored to look like new. Refurbs not only save money and allow schools to improve device to student ratios. For info on current stock please email   

Class Sets 

If you are planning to add a class set of devices with a  trolley we can help. Through a network of partners and vendors, we can provide you with options for multiple Edu rugged devices along with a wide range of trolleys. 


1:1 Schemes 

Many schools are benefiting from 1:1 device schemes, ensuring that students have a device to use both in school and at home. Vitalize partner with specialist schools 1:1 management companies who handle the lease and all the administration, becoming the port of call for the parents to sort issues and repairs when required. 


We can apply for bid pricing to get you the best price, add on warranty and insurance along with a rugged bag and Internet filtering for each device. We also include technical support for your devices and can include teacher training and support.  

Parents can then either buy outright or spread the costs over 12,24 or 36 months. Once paid in full the device is owned by the family. 

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Safeguard your pupils when online

More than ever before, it is crucial that schools and colleges protect their entire community. Safeguarding students use of Education Technology is key components of both the Keeping Children Safe in Education and Prevent Duty legislation. To protect them from cases such as bullying, self-harm and radicalisation, you need to use proactive software that can filter out unwelcome content, alert you if there is an immediate issue, and help you intervene in any potential issues before they occur.


With the world being ever more connected, and students sometimes able to take devices home, it's also no longer enough to just protect your students when they're on-site. You need to protect them anywhere they go.

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Give your old devices a new lease of life, with Neverware Cloudready

School budgets are being squeezed every day. Why not take advantage of your older equipment and devices and reinvigorate them with Cloudready?


Cloudready (now owned by Google is installed onto existing hardware that is up to twelve years old. Transforming older, slower devices into fast, functional machines ready for day-to-day

World Class Device Storage Solutions

Protect your new Chromebook devices with the best IT storage solutions in the world. We can provide quotes for all of the major manufacturers of IT storage trolleys and cabinets.

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