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We provide experts to support you all the way. All our digital trainers have worked in Education and are passionate about helping our schools to improve outcomes with digital learning.

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  • We can provide your Digital Champions with training and resources to enable them to empower all your staff with digital teaching skills and keep their skills updated in a rapidly changing world 

Case Study - Vitalize provide Woodfield Secondary School with support and training to implement Google for Education

I can not recommend and stress how amazing Stuart and all his team are at Vitalizeit.uk. This has been a very stressful time for everyone around the world. All schools had to close in the main with not a huge amount of notice and time to prepare learning packs and/or create a learning platform. 


After being recommended Google Classroom and then being put in touch with Stuart, within a week we are up and running. VitalizeIT helped create our domain name and set all students and staff up with accounts. Using new technology can be scary, however Stuart and his team are so helpful and are very quick to answer any questions. From emails, phone calls and Hangouts to learn the basics, have all been informative and fun. We now have most students using Google Classroom, interacting with staff and completing fun challenges and work. Although schools need to be acting now so students can access education, G-Suite and Classroom is something I will now be using in all my lessons in future.


We have today paid for the teacher training package, which I am very much looking forward to the hangouts and learning some of the wonderful things we can do. This is not just a tool for distance learning, this will be something we use for years to come and not just for teaching and learning. Thank you Stuart, Andrew and the rest of your team.



Andy Chase

Computing Lead, Careers and Enterprise Lead, SLT

Woodfield Secondary school, Surrey

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