We can offer a growing number of complementary solutions to further enhance your digital learning platform

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Education devices

We can provide a range of rugged, student and teachers devices, designed for education, including Chromebooks and Windows devices. We can also provide rugged bags and sleeves to protect devices taken to and from school. 

1:1 Device Schemes

We have a close partnership with EDDE  enabling your school to offer affordable devices to parents or adult students with flexible finance options. Enabling each student to have access to a device for their learning is a key part of any digital learning strategy. 

MIS Sync

Syncing to your MIS is the ideal way to provision users, create classrooms automatically and much more. Vitalize partners with both Wonde & Edulife to enable this.

Mail & Data Migrations

If you decide to migrate email and data to your new cloud platform Vitalize can assist with our managed migration solutions.

Re-use old PCs / Laptops

If you have older PCs / Laptops that need to be refreshed but don’t have the budget - refresh the operating system and unleash its potential as a chrome device - boots in seconds, no antivirus required - very affordable and supported by Vitalize. 

Student Safeguarding

The cloud has enabled far more granular reporting and safeguarding capabilities. Teachers can now see what web sites students are visiting and how long they spend on them, along with being alerts for safeguarding issues. 

Reliable fast networks

Vitalize partner with leading Network design, implementation and support providers to ensure our schools benefit from fast networks, fit for purpose and reliable. 


Vitalize are delighted to partner with Class VR - a Multi-award winning and affordable VR & AR designed for schools. Complete with lesson content.