Lapsafe with HP Chromebook 11A trolley recently installed at Albert Pritchard Wood Green Federation, Wednesbury

Chromebooks come with automatic background updates, fast start-up times, all-day battery life, built in anti-virus protection, access to the best of the Google Play Store and instant connection with G Suite for Education.


Chromebooks are simply the fastest and simplest device to use and manage in school's and colleges.

Whichever way you prefer to use a computer, and whichever manufacturer you prefer, there is a Chromebook out there for you.

Contact us today to ask for a quote, or simply find out more about Chromebooks. We're more than happy to help.


Safeguard your pupils when online

More than ever before, it is crucial that schools and colleges protect their entire community. Safeguarding students use of Education Technology is key components of both the Keeping Children Safe in Education and Prevent Duty legislation. To protect them from cases such as bullying, self-harm and radicalisation, you need to use proactive software that can filter out unwelcome content, alert you if there is an immediate issue, and help you intervene in any potential issues before they occur.


With the world being ever more connected, and students sometimes able to take devices home, it's also no longer enough to just protect your students when they're on-site. You need to protect them anywhere they go.

Contact us today to find out how Securly's or Lightspeed Relay's cloud based safeguarding solutions can protect your students and your school.


Give your old devices a new lease of life, with Neverware Cloudready

School budgets are being squeezed every day. Why not take advantage of your older equipment and devices and reinvigorate them with Neverware Cloudready?


Cloudready can be installed onto existing hardware that is up to twelve years old. Transforming older, slower devices into fast, functional machines ready for day-to-day use.


For just £15 per device, per year can be fully managed in the same Google Admin Console that you can manage your existing Chromebook fleet. Just one location to manage all your devices, both new and old.

Contact us today to find out how Cloudready can transform your device strategy, and get more devices in the hands of the pupils and staff of your school.

World Class Storage Solutions

Protect your new Chromebook devices with the best IT storage solutions in the world. We can provide quotes for all of the major manufacturers of IT storage trolleys and cabinets.

Contact us today to see how we can help home your new devices securely and safely.


So much more...

Multiple usernames and passwords can be a thing of the past with Google Sync by Wonde. By syncing all of your key logins with third-party applications like Time Table Rock Stars, Microsoft Office 365, GCSEpod and Mathletics you can remove the frustration of multiple passwords for your staff and students. You can even automatically sync users from your MIS, as well as calendars and classrooms for Google Classroom, and create simple QR code logins for younger pupils.

VR in the classroom is accessible with ClassVR's brilliant all-in-one device solution. No complicated phone and headset issues. No difficulties using student devices, just simple accessible VR for schools and colleges.

Find out more about your classes with the brilliant Classwork Zoom, giving your teachers detailed insight into what work students are doing in their Google Classroom and when. If a student not doing their fair share of a group task, Classwork Zoom can surface this, and many more details about how your students are using Classroom.

Contact Vitalize today and ask us about your needs. There is probably already a solution out there waiting for you, today.

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